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What is Imlas?

   Imlas is a music copyright alternative for companies operating internationally. Companies can obtain licensed music works directly from Imlas for all platforms instead of their local copyright collectors (CMO).

   If you are an organization operating in many countries and you need legal music usage;

Warranty and reliability

IMLAS guarantees that no other licensing bodies can claim in all countries in Europe and Asia. It takes full responsibility for all legal problems that may arise. Also Imlas; regularly monitors music represented by local CMOs. 

Legal and Transparent 

IMLAS adds all of its works to its catalog with the full permission of the right holders. In addition, it transparently shares the revenues from all published works with the right holders. All music distributed in IMLAS; within the framework of legal and ethical policies.

Consulting and convenience

IMLAS's; Always has a reachable team. In case of any question or problem, you can contact an official immediately.

Favorable Price

Local license aggregators do not have deep data. For this reason, they do their licensing on simple tariffs. Sometimes they may even charge a license fee for works they do not own. Also, these fees are very high. Imlas receives payment per work and only for published works. For this reason, it includes much more affordable prices.

Premium music catalogues

There are more than 600,000 music tracks in Imlas' catalogs. These works are suitable for every style, brand and brand character. Talented music directors filter these catalogs for brands or music service providers. Catalogs containing the most suitable music for your customers are always renewed.


IMLAS gives a printed legal guarantee to every organization with which it has an agreement. It also keeps a legal unit ready for all legal processes.

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