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About Us

Independent Music License

Imlas operates as a direct music licensing provider in Asia and Europe. It enables corporate companies to broadcast their music on digital channels, televisions, radios and local locations without being affiliated with any organization.

Our Story

Imlas was founded by Don Francis in 2015 for corporate companies to use music broadcasts in different countries with independent licensing method, more easily and at affordable prices. This effective initiative that started in Estonia is now; It brings together more than 600,000 musical works and more than 4000 artists with corporate companies.

As of 2018, Imlas started agreements with local representatives. These agencies both managed the usage rights of local artists and provided new brand agreements. Transparency and accessibility in music licenses is the most important ethical policy for Imlas.

Imlas was purchased by Bytelus Technology Company in 2021 and continues its activities under Bytelus with its entire team.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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